Startseite-Sommer-scaled EDDYCAM The elk leather camera strap Shop-Bilder-54-scaled Cold resistent to minus 40 degrees Startseite-Herbst-scaled Heat resistant even at extreme temperatures Startseite-Fruehling-scaled Soft and supple even after hours of wearing
EDDYCAM: As unique as the person wearing it!!
EDDYCAM is the first and only ergonomic elk-skin camera strap.

Developed by Edlef Wienen, an avid photographer and industry insider with decades of experience and a genuine passion for aesthetics and nature. Created for people that expect the best quality, functionality and comfort from their camera strap.

The ergonomic design, use of Scandinavian elk-skin leather and painstaking production in a small German factory make EDDYCAM particularly comfortable yet extremely durable – and therefore simply unique.

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Comfortable to use
extremely tough
in any situation
Elk-skin is a high quality natural product and is not only one of the thickest leathers in the world, but also one of the finest. It owes its unparalleled elasticity to a particular treatment process in a Finnish tannery that specialises in elk-skin.

The soft and skin-friendly surface, ergonomic strap shape, infinitely adjustable length and pure natural rubber padding attached with solvent-free adhesive ensure that EDDYCAM doesn’t pull or pinch your neck or shoulder – even after hours of wear.

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Above all, EDDYCAM’s extreme durability is down to solid artisanal workmanship and the robustness of the elk-skin and other product components.

From webbing quintuple-stitched with special thread (4700 N tensile strength), to non-breakable stainless steel length adjustment clips or sturdy polypropylene connecting elements – only consistently high quality in every part of the camera strap can guarantee its supreme durability. This makes it almost indestructible, even put to the toughest use in the harshest climates – and we guarantee that for two years.

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Every EDDYCAM is unique. That’s because every piece of elk-skin leather has its own story. Small scratches are a sign of the animal’s past injuries, bruises are a token of territorial fights and tiny scars are left by insect bites.

And because EDDYCAM was developed for individualists with very different preferences and needs, we offer more than 100 versions of our strap: in eight colours, 17 different colour combinations, each in three widths, three lengths and three configurations.

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Perfect for demanding jobs
EDDYCAM’s range of uses is practically unlimited.

Always a convenient and highly attractive accessory, it’s popular among quality and fashion-conscious individualists with a sense of style – and an appreciation for the unusual.

However, its particular strengths stand out most when worn for extended periods, used in demanding outdoor situations and subjected to unusual environmental conditions such as extreme heat, cold or humidity.

This makes EDDYCAM not only the ideal camera strap for professional studio and press photographers, but also for naturalists or hunters. And, of course for any ambitious amateur photographer who enjoys taking pictures in natural environments – but doesn’t want to compromise on comfort and reliability, even in remote areas.

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